Smith Consulting is a leading Irish immigration and Education consulting firm based out of Ireland and China.

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Social Housing Visa Investment Project

The Visa Investment  (IIP) is intended to be made into a newly created Irish Limited Liability Partnership/ Company in the form of partner capital contribution. The Partnership/Company will raise investments/loan from visa investors and will immediately acquire approved Irish properties. These approved properties be let to departments within the Irish local government under a long term lease for use as social housing. The investors will get long term resident in Ireland

China Introduction

Teaching English in China

We are offering incredible overseas working experience as English teachers in China. We are now recruiting English native speakers for TEFL/TESOL teaching positions (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with our established and professional client school in Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenyang starting this September 2017.

Your role is to teach conversational English language lessons to young Chinese students(5-14). Each of our schools have a friendly and relaxed environment for teachers and students. Training and orientation is provided as well as all teaching resources. Our positions are available to applicants with no prior teaching experience.

You will work together with other experienced teachers at your school in Dalian with many new teachers from Ireland starting this September. This is an ideal position for teachers who have a keen sense of adventure, wish to travel and experience a new culture.

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